How to Use Keto Strip to Measure Ketosis

People today choose keto diet plans for themselves when they do not want to compromise on their favorite food and want to reduce weight. The keto diet plans contain low-carb and high-fat content with moderate protein for a fat focused diet. While keto can be a stressful diet plan, it is promising and offers several health benefits such as blood sugar control, weight loss, and healthy living. The goal of people who opt for the keto diet is to achieve a ketosis state. Ketosis can be defined as a natural state where your body starts using body fat as fuel instead of burning carbs. If you have a good diet plan created by an expert advisor, you can start seeing results in the first month of the keto diet. However, there is no certain way to determine whether your diet needs more adjustments to reach ketosis or not.
In order to determine whether the keto diet plans are working or not, people use keto strips. Here, we will learn how to use keto strips to measure ketosis.

How does ketosis work?

Most people usually have a high-carb diet, where the body cells use glucose as their main energy source that is found in the carbs. Foods like bread, pasta, and vegetables contain the sugars and starch that fuels your body. When a person stops eating the carb-rich foods and opts for a keto diet plan, the body stops receiving glucose to produce energy. In such a state of energy needs, the body must look for an alternative fuel, which is then provided by body fat.
The body breaks down the stored fat into fatty acids and ketones, which replace the glucose for fuel supply to your body. This change can also cause a bit of stress, and you may experience a physiological state called dietary ketosis. Your ketone levels will continue to grow in this state, which you can detect in your urine, blood, and breath.

Using keto strips for urine tests

The keto urine stips are the best and most affordable way of determining your keto levels. These strips were originally created for people with type 1 diabetes. You can purchase the testing kit from any local pharmacy. The kit is usually inexpensive and can contain around 50 strips. The stips expire in three to six months after you open the pack. You can check your ketones on a daily basis at a fixed time (after dinner). Here are the steps to measure your ketosis levels using keto strips.
• Wash your hands properly and apply sanitizing gel to keep your hands clean and dry.
• Immerse a keto strip in the sample for a few seconds, then remove.
• Check the instructions and wait for the time given on the instructions for the strip to change its color.
• Compare the color of the used keto strip with the color chart given with the keto strip pack.
• Dispose of the strips properly before washing your hands.

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